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For investment professionals that utilize outside research to help make better decisions, start enjoying the member benefits from Macro SPX. Providing leading research for the SP500 from MarketModel Advisors founder Mike Valletutti.

2021 Results (as of Dec 7):

  • Scalping (intraday) trades: +102 SPX points
  • Scale Trades: +295 SPX points (5 winners, 0 loser)
  • Swing Trades: +18.95% (8 winners, 1 loser)

Member Benefits

  • Visual direction of Macro models Fair Value with upper and lower Ranges – bullish when Macro and SPX are both rising OR signals potential correction ahead when Macro diverges lower from SPX
  • Scaling price support levels during dips with EMAIL ALERTS of Scale Trades – two price levels to scale buys that provide highest probability for a strong bounce
  • Provide weekly comparison between direction of Macro models and SP500, including MAX price level for the next week where dip buyers should use the rest of their cash for a pivot reversal of a pullback
  • Model for Equity Asset Allocation weightings – Upgrade: allocate cash to equities OR Downgrade: take some profits in long-term accounts
  • Daily market and model comments and interpretation of charts – traditional TA setups for additional confirmation of Macro bias
  • For members that have subscribed for at least 24 months, inclusion in the Forest View newsletter sent out (almost) monthly to provide an longer-term read of Macro/SPX values and review of past performance
  • NEW FOR 2020: Intraday scalping levels, selling rips OR buying dips, with predefined price entry and stop levels
  • NEW FOR 2021: Long-Only MAX 200% model swing trades – exact closing price entries/exits
  • NEW FOR 2021: Sharing stock holdings (above 10% size) in Mike Valletutti’s long-term accounts
Not included
  • No chat room, no messaging: just daily charts, TA and Macro/Model values w commentary
NOTE: Your membership is billed $150 monthly recurring, you can cancel this at any time, and cancellation from membership is immediate.

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Become a Macro Futures Trading member now for only $150 per month.Not taking new members –
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What's included in your membership?

Mike Valletutti will provide daily, weekly, and monthly interpretations of Macro model values so you can make improved investment decisions.
Daily Market Commentarychat

Combining traditional Technical Analysis (TA) charting with proprietary support and resistance levels, members are provided an enhanced view of potential SP500 price direction, downside reversal spots, and upside targets. Posts include charts, videos, and strategy after the market close and mid-day as needed. A visual view of Macro models with SPX.

Weekly Macro Outlookvision

At the end of each trading week, members have access to proprietary recommendations of position sizing for an overall portfolio. Asset allocation models range from Underweight, Equal, Overweight equities. Additional information includes discussion of weekly changes, a forecast of the upcoming week, and a recommended bullish or bearish bias.

BTD Tradesrepeat

Using proprietary model output, members have access to real-time buy recommendations during market selloffs. Buy-the-dip (BTD) posts are tactical long SP500 trades, attempting to market time a reversal bounce at key MAX SUPPORT levels. The goal of these trades is to enhance overall returns by adding high-probability, short-term trades to an overall portfolio.

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Compare SP500 price levels against long and short term Macro model values.
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