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Providing leading research for the SP500 from MarketModel Advisors and hedge fund manager, Mike Valletutti. Using proprietary models to convert macroeconomic data into Fair Value Ranges for the SP500, members are given an alternative viewpoint on the direction and price potential of the overall stock market.

Investment Professionals use these data points to help them make their own decisions on how much to allocate to risk investments, when to add to key positions, and which advances are time to trim profits.

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Mike Valletutti will provide daily and weekly interpretations of Macro model values so you can make improved investment decisions.
Daily Market Commentarychat

Combining traditional Technical Analysis (TA) charting with proprietary support and resistance levels, members are provided an enhanced view of potential SP500 price direction, downside reversal spots, and upside targets. Posts include charts, videos, and strategy after the market close and mid-day as needed. A visual view of Macro models with SPX.

Weekly Macro Outlookvision

At the end of each trading week, members have access to proprietary recommendations of position sizing for an overall portfolio. Asset allocation models range from Underweight, Equal, Overweight equities. Additional information includes discussion of weekly changes and a forecast of the upcoming week, helping you develop a bullish or bearish bias.

Scale Tradesrepeat

Using proprietary model output, members have access to real-time scaling recommendations during market selloffs. Scale posts are tactical long SP500 trades, attempting to time a reversal bounce at predetermined weekly MAX SUPPORT levels. The goal is to enhance overall portfolio returns through short-term use of cash positions on high risk/reward positions.

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Dec 27 TA
SPX keeps filling in the weekly chart perfectly, as the prediction in October that we’d…
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Quick 3pm post, to follow up on Macro Feb 2016 comparison started a week before…
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